Software download page

This page is where the very small number of hobby projects of mine that have reached any stage of completion are left to languish. Most of the work on this page is very old and of no relevance to today's computing culture.

When I first got into programming, native desktop application development was where I wanted to be, hence the lack of fashionable mobile and web apps on this page. Sadly, the web took over and now we have to write everything in javascript.


These are some of the apps I've made in Haskell.



Screenshot for Tetris

The classic game of Tetris with some nice graphics and sound. This was going to be part of a collection of games, but Tetris is the only one I ever finished.


XBlite is a structured and compiled dialect of BASIC which works quite well for Win32 development. I haven't used it in many years, and I'm not actively maintaining any of these programs.

A Better Calculator 3

Download - Source code

The latest version of my calculator. Unfinished and probably never will be.



A GUI library for XBlite. Works with the Win32 API instead of trying to hide it.

Current version -



Implements various usefull data sctructures on top of my accessor macros (included in this download).

Included in this release: Linked lists, stacks, binary search trees and associative arrays.



COM for XBlite. Includes tools that enable you to access COM interfaces and even generate skeletons for COM servers.


Download - Source code

Screenshot for ThiefAware

ThiefAware is a simple digital survellance program. It includes a motion detection algorithm to automatically record footage. It also includes a browser which allows you to easily review footage.

A Better Calculator 2

Download - Source code

Screenshot for A Better Calculator 2

I wrote A Better Calculator because I needed a better calculator than the one that comes with Windows. I use it almost every day. It allows you to define variables and functions, save and load the calculator state and graph functions.

You can type in an entire expression and evaluate it in one go. It supports basic arithmetic, trig functions, logarithms, bitwise logical operators, Hexadecimal, combination, permutation and factorials.

Liberty Basic

Liberty BASIC is an interpreted BASIC which had a strong community some years ago. I used it to get into Windows programming (previously I'd been using QBasic under DOS). These programs are very old now and I'm not even sure they'd still run under the latest versions of Liberty BASIC.



Screenshot for VidCapLB

A video capture demo for Libery BASIC.

Puzzle Paint


Screenshot for Puzzle Paint

A simple game I wrote back in 2004. Requires Libery BASIC to run.